How do I add a child? | familytech

How do I add a child?

When you first create your account in Mothershp you should be prompted to create your first child. If you would like to create more, click on the 'MENU' tab on the bottom right-hand side of the app. Next, click on the 'YOUR KIDS' button and then click on 'ADD A CHILD.'

You should arrive on a screen with four text boxes. The first is for inputting their name, the second is for their username, and the final two are for their passwords. Once you've filled that screen out click the 'NEXT STEP' button. The final step has you adding a profile image for the child account, their birthday, and their gender.

Once complete, click the 'ALL DONE' button and you'll have created a child account.

You can add more children, using the steps provided, if needed.