How do I create a chore? | familytech

How do I create a chore?

In Mothershp, click on the 'Chores' tab then select the green 'Create a New Chore' + button. You have the option to 'Pick a Popular Chore' or 'Create a Custom Chore.' Once selected, you have the option to modify the chore name, assign a point value to the chore and determine a schedule (how often the chore should be done). You can create chore to occur one time or more than once. Next, you'll have the option to select the due date and completion time for the chore. You'll be able to add chore notes for your child/children and even select if it should be auto-approved. The final step in chore creation is assigning the chore type (standard, up for grabs, or round robin) to your children.

Watch a quick video on how to create a chore here: